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Angelica Borsellino

My love for photography started at a young age when I watched my father capture family moments on film and carefully catalogue them into albums. This idea of "freezing" life's moments was intriguing to me. Years later, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications program at the University of Alberta and discovered what I loved most was - you guessed it - my photography class. Seeing an image that I envisioned in my head come to life on print, as the developer chemical slowly revealed it, was exciting to me. I spent hours and hours of shooting and dark room developing. I loved it, and was hooked. I met my wonderful husband Stephen in 1999, bought my first professional (film) SLR camera and filled a large Rubbermaid bin full of negatives. Over time, digital cameras replaced film, and for me, photography became even more exciting (and I didn't have to buy more bins to hold negatives!). By 2008 I had married my best friend, expanded our home of two to five with our three beautiful children, and (with Stephen's encouragement and support) launched my company, Borsellino Photography. I haven't looked back. I love every moment of it, and it just keeps evolving into something that amazes me every day.  Life is my passion.  Photography captures it. I would be honoured at the opportunity to share it with you.

Steve Borsellino

Nerd alert! So I am not a nerd, I am hip. Yep hip. Well, would a nerd say this..?  Yes. Crap.  Okay fine nerdy?  I am the tech behind the master (aka my wife).  She asks me to do the standard husband things like know what she is thinking. This proves challenging when it comes to a complex shoot, and mind reading is not a learned skill. I consider myself the chief bottle washer of the Borsellino photo company. Responsible for sales pricing and whatever crazy devices that my wife needs to make the picture she already has created in her mind work. I also take care of all the gear.


 I have three rules when it comes to a shoot. Own it or be owned, backups of everything, and smile.

Us being silly in the booth!
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